Things to know about garden windows

A garden window, or window box as it is also known, is ideal for a small indoor garden or for growing herbs. Also it is a beautiful addition to your home. Extending beyond the walls of the room, a garden window also allows more light to enter the room.

There are a lot of window types to choose from but you need to know the basics when buying and installing  it.

Budget related tips

You will need to set a maximum budget and stick to it as a garden window can be pretty expensive. Find out how much you’ll probably pay for the window and its installation.

Where to place a garden window

Don’t rush your decision and take your time because there are a lot of things to take into consideration when placing the garden window. Most people prefer the kitchen. Even if a garden window can be placed pretty much anywhere in the house where you would want some extra light it is highly recommended that you don’t place it on the side of the house that stays shady most of the time. Also, think about how it would look like from the outside.

Measuring the work space

Even if measuring for a garden window sounds easy, it’s not always like that. The requirements will differ depending on the window and of course on the area you want it to be placed. You have to think about what kind of window you want to install and find the best way to measure it and also the area of installation. You may want to measure everything several times just to be sure.

The type of glass you prefer

The type of glass you will be using will have a great impact on the efficiency of the window and on the appearance. A more costly type of window is insulated glass that also has insulation around the frame. Even if it is more expensive it will be more budget friendly on the long run, having low utility bills.

Upside of shopping around

You may find a windows that you prefer, but it’s best to compare it’s price and the installation price as well with at more than one shop. You can save some money just by looking around for the best deals. Also, check the installer’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau and other local consumer reporting agencies just to be sure. After all, you get what you pay for.

Avoiding price surprises

You will want to know an estimate price that includes removing the old window and installing the garden window. This will help you avoid any unwanted price related surprises in the end, because some installers will give you an estimate for the entire project while others only for the new window.

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