This how you can reduce the window condensation

Before showing the necessary steps for reducing the condensation of the window, it is necessary to explain what this phenomena is. Usually caused by a high degree of humidity in certain areas of the house, the window condensation mainly consists in having a foggy window. It can be eliminated through several methods, presented below.

Usually, foggy windows are mostly common in some of the areas of the house with the highest level of humidity such as kitchen or bathroom. The most common methods for reducing the condensation is to turn on exhaust fans whenever a device that causes humidity is turned on. Such devices include showers, ovens etc. Turning on the nearest exhaust fan and let it run until the device is turned off is the best way for reducing the condensation level.
The second most used method consists in airing out the most humid areas of the house. This is especially important for houses that do not have exhausting fans installed. Whenever a device causing humidity to rise, is turned on, make sure to open the doors and windows of the room for the condensed air to have a way out from the house.

Another method that ensures the constant air circulation through the house is the regular use of ceiling fans. This is highly effective for rooms where the window condensation is constant. This feature is very important to be installed especially in the rooms causing this condensation and if the house does not have them installed already, the owner should investigate this possibility because it is one of the most effective ways for preventing window condensation.

Placing portable electric fans next to windows that „suffer” because of this issue can represent another effective way of reducing the condensation. Although they do not have such a high level of efficiency as the ceiling fans, they can represent a rapid and temporary solution if they are placed close to the window.
They can also represent a solution if the house does not have any exhausting fans installed. Placing the electric fan in the center of the window and turn it on when another device is functioning, is the way to use it for replacing the other type of fans.

No type of fans? Then use dehumidifiers! Placing these devices in the areas with the highest level of humidity is a very simple way out of this situation. They can be easily found at any drugstore and in terms of costs they are less expensive than installing any electric or ceiling fan. The price of course, varies on the type of dehumidifier you are looking to buy and also on the type of drugstore.

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