Tips for easy window glazing

Window glazing is an easy task if you understand how to do it correctly. Using a window glazing kit will make this task less costly. Windows let in natural light, changing the atmosphere and aspect of the house.

Glass isn’t a energy efficient material so window glazing will help you reduce the loss of energy.

Tools you’ll need

You will need the proper materials for this task in order to do it your self. You need a heat gun, a knife and a sander or scrapper. You will often need to fix cracks and chipped glazes. When working on the window, soften the previous glaze to make it come off the glass. You will need to remove glazing compounds and smooth the glass to avoid mark and tears.

Type of glaze

You can find two types of glaze on the market: oil based and latex based. Oil based glazing must be heated and then added on the glass. It offers a professional and smooth look. Latex based glazing is easier to use than oil based one. It is also cheaper. It will skin over fast, but let it dry out over the night. The oil based glaze on the other hand will never harden and must be carefully handled when installing the from back.  You can find these glazes at any local store or on the internet. Compare the prices before buying anything.

Single or double glazing?

Double glazing a window is more efficient. It is the choice of professionals also who prefer the best results. Double glazing requires two panes of windows with a space between them. This glazing has better insulating properties and is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Be patient

Windows glazing takes time. You will need to be patient and pay attention to the smallest details for the best results. Installation is a time consuming process, especially if you are using the oiled based glaze.

Budget related tips

Glazing is not cheap. Choosing double glazing will of course double the price. If you want to avoid any unwanted surprises, estimate the cost of the project. If you wish to benefit of the best results possible, you might accept paying a little more for this long term investment.

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