Ways to prevent mold and condensation on aluminum windows

Read on for a few simple steps to keep from mold and condensation build on your windows.

The aluminum material of the window remains cold even if the temperature in the room is high, due to its properties. If you apply latex paint, the aluminum will be damaged and condensation will appear and later, be transformed into mold.

Remove any existing paint from the aluminum frame with a scraper. Use sandpaper with a fine texture in order not to damage the aluminum finish.
You can paint the frame, but with a glossy rust-resistant paint.
First, clean the window frame. Apply painter’s tape on the glass to protect it from paint. With a small paint brush cover the aluminum frame. It is better is you find and use mold and rust resistant products. After the paint is dried out, remove the tape.
The window coverings on the frame must be kept open because through them, you will boost the air flow and prevent condensation.

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