Window condensation - how to avoid it

Most urban constructions have poor ventilation and while this reflects in low energy bills but it also has downsides. Window condensation is easily detectable and it’s a common issue, brought on by a variety of household activities like bathing, cooking and so on. It reflects a problem in air circulation within the house and a high humidity rate.

Why is it a problem? Well, because it always causes seepage of moisture around the windows leading to mildew and if not stopped it becomes invasive and it might come to affect the integrity of the window panels.

It is cheaper and easier to prevent than to deal with the aftermath. There are many solutions to this problem, one of them being the use of fans. You can install a fan in the key areas like the bathroom and kitchen and if it still isn’t enough you could turn to ceiling fans as well for the living room. If you want to have a steam bath start the fans a few minutes before you go in. Also keep the windows open when possible during the day to let the sun come in. You could also remove all interior plants.

If winters are humid-heavy you might want to consider a dehumidifier. They are affordable and restrict the humidity level in the house. Those who keep firewood in the house should also take precautions because wood contains plant sap and moisture. If you have to keep it in the house you could cover it up with a plastic sheet.
Regularly check the attic and crawlspace and if there is evident discoloration you should caulk and seal them for further protection. Also check that the air-conditioner drainage is directed away from these places.

If you have tried our tips and it still doesn’t work, you can always go for raising the temperature of the windows themselves. The easiest and most affordable way to do this is the use of window blinds and curtains. They also can be very easily fitted in the interior design as they come in various colors and styles. Wooden window shutters are also an excellent choice if you live in an environment with scorching summers, they will help keep cool temperatures. The use of heavy curtains drastically and double-glazing treatments drastically reduces the surface exposed.

If you live in a bay area you have the option of specific drapery treatments. Necessity has lead to a wide range of treatments and materials to help deal with condensation situations.

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