About The Purple Passion Plant

The Purple Passion plant is perennial fast growing vine that is well-known for its beautiful flowers and often found in gardens, growing as an exotic houseplant, or in pots. They are easy to propagate, through cuttings placed in soil or in fresh water.

The stems are long and bear many tendrils and the leaves have a palmate shape with 3 lobes.

The flowers have bluish white petals and it is associated to many Christian symbols: the five petals and sepals compared to the 10 apostles, the 3 styles compared to the nails on Christ’s cross and the spiky filament compared to the thorn crown of Christ.

This vine even bears fruit – big, fleshy yellow fruit, which is edible, but rather seedy; they even seem to have a calming effect.

It does not require much for proper growth, but needs bright sunlight, but not too strong otherwise it may damage the plant. If planted outside place it in an area with partial shade, where it will not be scorched by heat; if inside then you could always place it in an east or west window, or even in a south facing window as long as there is a transparent curtain filtering the sunshine. Otherwise, the purple passion plant likes moist soil (water it every day if you keep it outside) and if you add peat moss to it, that’s even better.

And don’t forget to trim the ends of the stem for proper growth and a full look.

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