The Lavender Cotton plant

Different gardens have their share of various grasses and flowers, however if you are looking for something different in every way the lavender cotton herb plant is the perfect choice. It is very popular in landscaping and for increasing the exterior appearance of houses.

The lavender cotton plant goes by the scientific name Santolina chamaecyparissus and it is often used for gardening with ornamental purposes.

It is also known as the green lavender cotton plant and it is categorized as a shrub or bush, because the maximum height of the plant is about 2 feet.

The soil where the lavender plant grows can be of almost any kind and the weather can vary from hardiness Zone 5 to 10, as it is a very resilient plant. The plant needs a lot of sunshine in order to grow however it can adapt and grow well even in areas lacking sunlight, in the shade.

The lavender cotton plant is considered an evergreen plant and it does not require a lot of watering but the soil needs to be moist and well drained. If watered excessively the plant might not grow properly.

It can reach a height of about 2 feet and because it is a shrub the ground level growth of the plant is also about 2 feet. The branches grow very close together, which gives the plant a cluttered look.

You can also prune the plant, as the gray leaves are very adaptable. A globular shape is perfect for the lavender cotton plant. The bright yellow flowers blossom in summer and they are in the shape of buttons.

The lavender cotton plant can propagate easily by seeds or by planting the cuttings in summer when it blooms. It can make the yard look beautiful, especially when in full bloom with the yellow flowers punctuating the green foliage. It can also be used as an edging plant and it can be incorporate it into different hedges ideas. Winter is also a good season for gardening the lavender cotton plant as it is drought and cold resistant.

If you want to adorn your rock garden with a plant, the lavender cotton plant is the perfect choice. Moreover, the flowers can be used for indoor decoration, as potpourri or in bouquets and flower arrangement. The flowers do not have a fragrance, but the leaves do.

The lavender cotton plant is very good for attracting butterflies, bees or small birds to the garden due to the bright yellow flowers.

The flowers can be used for medicinal purposes to ease digestion, help with gastritis, gas and heartburn. Also, it is known to help prevent baldness and to cure intestinal worms.

All in all, the lavender cotton plant is very low maintenance and has medicinal purposes while still looking pretty and would make a perfect ornament for your garden.

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