About The Forget-me-not

Forge-me-not, part of the Myosotis genus, is a mountainous small blue (with the exception of Myosotis aurea and Myosotis alba) flower, fragrant in the nights and evenings, and it is said it was the last thing a knight said to his lady-love before he died, thus making the flower a symbol associated with love and tragic endings. This courageous little flower was even the state flower of Alaska in 1949.

Forget-me-nots can be a great visual addition to your rock garden and you can buy annual or perennial seeds at nurseries and plant them or you might find seedlings directly.

The seeds however should be sprinkled in soil mixed with compost and placed in polythene bags; if you plant them directly in the garden at the beginning of spring, there is a chance of a light frost. If you want them to bloom early, you can keep the bags in a warmer environment for 8 to 10 weeks, watering them regularly to keep the soil moist – dry soil can affect the plants and seeds alike.

You can transfer the seedlings in the garden at the beginning of spring, somewhere shielded from direct sunlight, placing them at 3-4 inches apart from each other. You can use compost to enhance the seedlings growth and regular trimming of the spent blooms can prolong flowering.

They’re not prone to pests or infections but if problems arise, use the adequate pesticides and fungicides.

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