Beautiful exotic flowers

Everyone loves flowers because they are so beautiful and attractive. They are the perfect gift when we want to make somebody happy and loved. There are many flower types all around the word, but people are very attracted by exotic ones because they are some kind of rare.

But nowadays, anyone can order a bouquet of exotic flowers and sent it to his or her beloved anywhere on this planet. One can even plant exotic flowers in one’s garden. Here are some exotic flowers that can make your garden look“tropical” and special.

 Exotic flowers


Anthurium is an exotic flower also known under the name of Tail Flower, painted tongue or flamingo flower. It is native to tropical America and it makes heart-shaped flowers colored in pink, red or white. The texture of the flower is waxy and they are available in a large variety such as palmate leafed, velvet leafed, etc. The flower types are also different.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is another exotic flower also known as Crane Flower. It comes from South Africa and can make any landscape look absolutely amazing. What makes special this flower is their interesting and attractive shape which looks like an orange bird in flight. Bird of Paradise makes flowers from September until May.

Calla Lily

Calla lily, also called Trumpet Lily or Arum Lily, is an exotic plant that makes big flowers resembling a trumpet. Although it is native to South Africa, the name of this flower comes from the Greek dictionary meaning beautiful. Calla lily comes in a variety of colors and makes flowers in spring.


Gardenia is one of the most popular exotic flower native to the subtropical and tropical areas of Africa, Australia and Southern Asia. Although gardenia makes only light yellow or white flowers, their smell and look are divine. This flower bears the name of a South Carolina physician- Alexander Garden.


Heliconia is native to west Indonesia, Pacific Ocean Island and tropical America. It is also called False Bird or Lobster Claw. This flower is characterized by its special bracts, which are very colorful and beautiful. These bracts can even hide the flower sometimes. Heliconia flowers reach to 3-30 feet and are suitable as landscape plants. The name of this flower comes from Mount Helicon.


Orchids are spread all over the world, excepting the frozen continent. Depending on their type, orchid flowers can have different colors. For example, Asian orchids are multi-colored while African orchids are white. This flower ca be divided in three main types.


This pink and white colored flower is native to Australia and Asia. The most important fact about lotus is that it is the national flower of India. For the Buddhists, lotus is a sacred flower. It usually thrives in murky and shallow waters and need full sunlight. This is why lotus does not make flowers in winter.

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