Flowers that can be eaten

Besides their decorative purpose, flowers can also serve to prepare and garnish different dishes. This does not mean the all the flowers are edible, only some of them. More than that, there are certain parts of the flower that can be used for this purpose.

Utilizing any poisonous flower to prepare a meal can cause disastrous health disorders and sometimes even death. More than that, people who are allergic to pollen are not allowed to use flowers for cooking. Read the following lines to discover those flowers that can be consumed by humans are.


 Angelica is very suitable for fish dishes. The angelica three blooms in July or August and its flowers are gathered in a globe shape colored in white or yellow. The stalks can be used to decorate desserts and cakes de to their candied shape. People who suffer from skin allergies should ask the opinion of their doctor before using angelica for cooking.

Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop is another edible flower that has a licorice or anise flavor. It tastes sweet.


Apple flowers can give any dish a great flavor. One should never make use of these flowers because they contain cyanide precursors.


 Basil includes more than sixty varieties, each having its own flavor. This plan is used especially for medicinal purposes.


Chrysanthemum is also an edible flower. Although it is a bit acrid and bitter, the tea made this flower can treat several health disorders.


We have all heard about chamomile. This flower is used to prepare tea, which can alleviate stomach problems, headaches, fatigue and other health disorders.


Lavender is not just a decorative flower. Lavender tea is also known for its several health benefits.


The buds of chicory can be consumed after they have been pickled.


Another flower that can be eaten is lemon as long as one do not make any excess. These flowers are used successfully to make citrus waters.

Garlic chives

Garlic chives are very popular in Asian cuisine. They look like a small bunch of white flowers.


The same as chamomile, jasmine flowers are used to prepare a delicious tea that is very good to treat different health affections


The fennel flowers are colored in yellow and have a sweet taste.


Dandelion is another flower that can offer several health benefits if consumed as a tea. The roots and the leaves of the dandelion have the same medicinal properties.


This flower type is very popular and it can be used to make tea. One can prepare hibiscus tea from fresh or dried flowers.


Marigold flowers taste a little spicy or bitter; they are also very common flowers.


Mint is as popular as chamomile and is used especially to make tea. This plant bears white or pink flowers in between its green leaves.


One of the most beautiful and delicate flower is the rose. People use it to give a great taste and flavor to different dishes. Dried rose flowers an also be used.


The rosemary flowers are colored in white, pink, blue or purple and have a sweet and savory taste. The green leaves of the plant have also a very nice fragrance.


The leaves of the banana or yucca are also edible. Its other parts are not edible because they can be poisonous.


Thyme flowers have a good lemon flavor and can be used to prepare different dishes.


This plant is known because it is used to produce sunflower oil, but the petals can also be consumed with different dishes. Although they have a bitter taste, one can solve partially this problem by steaming them a little.


Okra flowers have the same sweet taste like squash blossoms.

Besides these flowers mentioned before, there are also others that can be consumed by humans such as:

Artichoke Gladiolas Red Clover
Arugula Honeysuckle Redbud
Bachelor Buttons Hollyhock Rose of Sharon
Banana Hyssop Runner Bean
Bee Balm Iceland Poppy Safflower
Borage Impatiens Sage
Burnet Johnny Jump Up Savory
Calendula Lilac Scented Geranium
Carnation Linden Snapdragon
Chives Mallow Society Garlic
Cilantro / Coriander Marjoram Squash Blossom
Citrus Mustard Sweet Marigold
Clover Nasturtium Sweet William
Daylily Oregano Tuberous Begonia
Dianthus Onion Tulip
Dill Orange Blossom Viola
Elderberry Pansy Violet
English Daisy Passionflower Winter Savory
Freesia Pea
Fuchsia Pineapple Sage
Gardenia Primrose
Geraniums Radish

How to pick up flowers that can be eaten

These flowers have a nice taste and flavor and are usually utilized to prepare different sweets, dishes and teas. People also add them to syrups, vinegar, custards, pickles and jams. It is to be mentioned that not all the flowers can be consumed. We can include here potato, pepper, potato, tomato, asparagus flowers, etc. there are also some species of lilies, azalea, rhododendron and daffodils, which are poisonous if for cooking. Keep in mind that the petals of composite flowers such as safflower and sunflower can be eaten. These flowers have allergic pollen, which is why one should be very careful when consuming them. Asthma, ragweed and hay fever sufferers should never consume composite flowers. So, one should be very careful when choosing edible flowers. More than that, one should ask the opinion of a professional who knows everything about these flowers and their culinary usages.  These flowers mentioned in the table above are just the most common; there are many other flowers that can be consumed by humans.

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