Choosing Fall Flowering Plants

Nature has provided us with many fall flowering plants, so why not make your garden look colourful and inviting even during fall and winter?

For example, during summer you can plant flowers like Helenium which look like daisies but bloom during autumn and fill your garden with brilliant yellow. Or beautiful pink and purple Asters; Asters like moist soil and grow up to 4 feet tall so when you plant them, place supports to avoid the droopy look.

But the king of all is the Joe Pye Weed with deep pink coloured flowers, which also likes moist soil and should be planted in early summer.

But even if it’s autumn you still need to take care of your garden; pluck the weeds and use the fallen leaves and withering flowers to make manure; place them in a compost pit and by summer they will do nicely.

brilliant yellow, droopy look, fall flowering plants, fallen leaves, moist soil, withering flowers