Low Maintenance Flowers

More and more people are taking up gardening as a hobby or free time activity because of the wonderful results it brings and the therapeutic advantages. You can take up gardening at any time, starting with a small garden at first if you don’t have any prior experience and some easy to grow flowering plants. There are annual and perennial species to choose from, though if you plant both you will have blooms in your garden all the time.

It’s true that each pant has its needs but some are less demanding than others and they can be easily grown together, with watering and some pruning once in a while. Some of the most popular flowers like forget-me-not, cosmos, sunflowers, Foxglove and many others are few of the easiest annual plants to grow, called self seeders (they grow, bloom and die within a year, but bear seeds and the next year those will germinate and provide new flowers).

Popular perennial choices include geranium, campanula, peonies which bloom every season and live for at least two years. If you choose perennials with different flowering seasons you will also have beautiful colours all year round.

So if you never had the courage to take up gardening, maybe you’ll start out with some of these easy to grow flowering plants and see where it takes you – have fun!

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