Patio installation tips

The best way of enjoying the outdoor sun and grill is by installing an outdoor patio. This backyard addition to the house can be as simple as a concrete slab with a few chairs and a table on it.

To begin building the patio, you must first measure the surface it will occupy.

A stone patio can be build using sand and no mortar and will eventually need some repairs. When you’ve set the size of the patio, start digging. It should be at least 4 inches deep. Make sure the ground stays leveled and moist and tamp it before placing the rest of the materials on it. Place landscape fabric along the bottom of the trench to prevent weeds from sprouting.

Build a wood frame around the patio edge. Use 2×4 for the frame. Fill the frame with sand and then place the patio stones. Make sure the stones are leveled and fit properly into place. Tap them with a rubber mallet to make sure.

When the stones have been placed, pour some sand on top of them and sweep it off to make it enter any small cracks between the patio stones. Remove the wood frame and them use sand or stones to fill in the space.

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