Creative patio designs

Patio walls

To add depth to a patio, you can use seated walls. These walls can be built on any stone, brick or wood patio. Get some brick or stone for the walls and sand or mortar to bind it all together.

The walls can be shaped and designed as you wish.

Patio fire pits

For esthetic and entertainment reasons, you can build a patio fire pit that will blend in nicely with the seated walls. use stone or brick to create a pleasant design. Most common designs are circular and have a unique pattern. The pit must be sealed with mortar when it can reached the height you want.

Patio garden

A patio garden offers a natural look in this stone environment. It can either be built as a raised garden, which can be built out of stone or bricks or it can just be an unpaved area with plants. The possibilities and quantity of garden patches are endless and depend entirely on your tastes.

Patio water feature

A waterfall or a fountain is a great way of creating a focal point on the patio. It also adds style and beauty. These features can be built using bricks or stones. These water features require an electrical pump. For simpler water feature, the pond is ideal.

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