How to Repair Your Garage Door

Keeping your car in the garage can become a hassle if the door is not working properly. But don’t worry, it’s not always as complicated as it seems and you yourself can make minor repairs. This will help to save a lot of money and it will also make you feel good.

There are two types of garage doors, the roll-up and the swing-up door, and many repair procedures are done more or less the same way for both.

A garage door stuck to the metal track might happen because of an accumulation of dirt and grease inside the track. You can clean it with regular household cleaner, wipe off to make it dry and then use either a powdered graphite or garage door lubricant to apply on the track, wheels, pulleys and hinges.

If it’s still not working, check for defects such as bents or dents which might be obscuring the movement. Using a rubber mallet you can easily correct these by repeated hitting.

Another reason for improper movement can be incorrect alignment of the tracks. This can happen because of loose screws so you should check and tighten them if necessary. After this check the alignment again using a level.
On a swing-up garage door make sure the screws on the mounting plate are properly secured. If the screw hole is enlarged take a longer screw and put hollow fiber plug on it with carpenter’s glue. On a roll-up door, the hinges often cause trouble, so you should replace any damaged hinge.

Check the tension in the springs in case it might need adjusting. On a swing-up door you just need to fasten the spring into the next hole of the mounting bracket. On a roll-up door pull out the cable over the door and make a knot, but if the door only has one spring at its middle do not attempt to do the adjustment on your own or you might be severely injured.

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