Programming Your Garage Door Opener

If you discover that you needed to change the remote control batteries and you now need to program the opener again.
If you have a remote controlled garage door opener you need to program it in connection with its remote control.

Locate the antenna, which can also be encased in a wall mounted external receiver, then remove the lens cover.

If you use the learn function in order to program your opened then push the button on the opener motor and once the light turns on you will have 30 seconds to push and hold the corresponding button on the remote control until the light starts blinking.

Now, if you have a switch model door opener, after locating the antenna, take the cover off the motor or receiver and you will see 8-12 switches, each with 2-3 positions. Then open the battery cover on the remote and set the same value to the switches. Put the battery cover back on and test the opener. If this does not solve your problem then you might need the user’s manual.

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