Basement drain options

There are three main systems for draining your basement: interior, exterior and base board systems. Each of these systems has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the place where you will install the drains, you may need to install various options, for example, a sump pump.

Exterior drains

Exterior drain pipes will collect the water and divert it before infiltrating through the walls of the basement, or through the ceiling. The problem is that exterior drains for basements are usually placed in a higher place than the rest of the yard, and the water cannot get into them. Also, exterior drains can get clogged very fast, because of all the dirt, leaves, dust, etc.

Interior drains

Interior drains are usually installed in basements and are a backup plan in case there isn’t an exterior drain installed. These drains will need to have installed a sump pump that will carry the water to the surface and divert it in a safe place. These drains are a little harder to install, because you will need to use a jackhammer to make a trench in the concrete floor of your basement. After digging the trench, you will need to add a 2 inch layer of gravel, the perforated pipe and another gravel layer. The trench needs to be dug near the walls so that the water can get right into it.

Baseboard draining systems

A baseboard draining system is the least invasive. The bad part is that it can only be used in a monolithic basement slab. This system uses vinyl base boards that will be attached to your basement walls. Then the walls will need to have weep holes in order to allow water to to drain to the base board. Then the water will be diverted to the sump pump, that will carry the water outside.

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