Water overflow in basement drains

Keeping your basement drain free of obstructions is very important. This way you will prevent water from backing up the drain and into your basement. The best piping to use is PVC because it rarely gets clogged.

Drain maintenance is required to prevent water back ups.


  1. Drain screen trap solid materials and prevent them from entering the drainage systems. It can be installed previous to the installation of the drainage system, or afterwards.
  2. It’s important to clean the drain screen from time to time.
  3. To degrease the system, you can pour hot water down the drain and some non-chemical de-greaser.
  4. Another thing that you can do is flush the plumbing fixtures regularly.
  5. Never let a clogged drainage system stay like that too long. If you want to prevent larger problems, you should handle the problem immediately.


  • before spending money on expensive chemicals, try out natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda.
  • clean the drain screen regularly.
  • your drain system should have a stainer installed. If it doesn’t have one, then you should buy one.
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