Flowers that bloom at night

There are many flowers all around the world that bloom only at night. Usually, the fragrance of their blooms is so strong that it can intoxicate anyone. Do you know which are these flowers? If not, here we will say a few words about some of them.

Night flowers are so many that no one can know them all.  In places where humans have not reached yet grow many flowers that open their petals only after the sunset. Let us say a few words about the most popular flowers that bloom at night.

Angel’s Trumpet

These plants are native to South America and belong to the Solanaceae family. They grow as bushes or woody trees and their flowers are characterized by a pendulous look, having at the same time the shape of a trumpet. Usually, these flowers exceed fourteen cm in height and are colored in red, yellow, pink and orange. They have a small that resembles citrus.

Evening Primrose

Native to the desert areas, this plant is also called sundrops or suncups. Its main feature is that the flower has a stigma that presents four branches, arranged in the shape of an x. Usually, these flowers are colored in white, but there are also species that can be colored in pink, red, yellow and purple. One species changes its white petals into pink.

Flowering Tobacco

The species of this annual plant are very different. The flowers can be colored in many colors such as purple, red, white, pink and even green. The size of the flower can also vary depending on the species, but they all have the shape of a trumpet. They bloom from June to October.

Garden Heliotrope

Garden is another flower that blooms at night. Its main characteristic is the irresistible vanilla like smell. Coming from Peru, this plant is also called “cherry pie”. It thrives in almost any soil type and climate and it is easy to maintain. Light lavender, pink and white are the colors of this flower that blooms between July and August. During the Victorian Age, Garden Heliotrope was one of the most popular flowering plant.

Mock Orange

Native to Central America, south Eastern Europe, Asia and Native America, these flowers are characterized by a specific smell, which resembles that of the orange flowers. The species of this plan that are wilder look like citrus fruits. They grow like a shrub, which reaches about six meters in height. Usually, the flowers of Mock orange are white


The white flowers of this plant attract flying moths to pollinate them. Moonflower can grow to almost twenty feet in height, depending on the soil, weather, temperatures and the like. Due to their peasant fragrance, they are some of the most planted flowers in gardens.

Night Blooming Cereus

Many people know that these plants bloom only at full moon, annually. Also called Princess of the Night, Night Blooming Cereus has a nice fragrance and white blooms.

Night Blooming Jasmine

Night Blooming Jasmine grows in India and Bangladesh in a bushy shape that can reach to almost four meters in height. These flowers are characterized by an intense fragrance and a strong smell. The color of the blooms is usually white with a slight green tinge. There are also unusual varieties that make yellow flowers, but they are very rare.

 Night Phlox

These flowers smell like candy, that is why they are also known as midnight candies. The fragrance of night phlox can resemble almond, vanilla and honey. The red or white flowers appear in small clusters and they start to bloom after the sunset. During the day, the flowers stay closed.

The night has its own beauties that can attract anyone. Flowers that bloom at night are great additions to personal and public gardens.

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