Chosing Flowering Shrubs For Shaded Areas

If you want to plant flowering shrubs in your garden but it’s mostly a shaded area, don’t despair, nature has provided us with many interesting flowering shrubs for all kinds of environments.

For instance, you might have heard about Camelias. Well, if you didn’t know, then we’ll tell you: they thrive in shade, as long as they have rich acidic and well-drained soil, and bloom in cool weather.

They have dark green coloured leaves and pretty flowers which can bloom in autumn or even early winter – some are even double blooming species.

If you want spring and/or summer flowers, Fuchsia rewards you with big beautifully coloured blooms and look best when they are left hanging – care for it properly and it’ll give you flowers throughout the season.

The Japanese Pieris has brightly coloured flowers, which grow in clusters and smell wonderfully. It’s one of the most popular flowers used as ornament for landscaping. It can reach 8 – 12 feet and blooms in late winter or early spring.
If it’s convenience you want, go with the Red Chokeberry. With very little maintenance, this shrub gives you beautiful shiny foliage, pink flowers and red berries and it’s a sight to be seen in autumn, when its leaves turn bright red.

An interesting plant is Hydrangea whose flowers can be white, pink, red or purple depending on the soil conditions. They like rich soil, grow fast, some are even climbing types and grow large clusters of flowers. Because of the rapid growth rate it is advised you prune the Hydrangea once a year, after the flowers have died out, to maintain it healthy, good-looking and to prevent it from bending under the weight of the clusters.

If you want many different flowering shrubs for your garden then you should know there are many other options to go with like Mountain Laurel, Daphne Bush, Rose-of-Sharon, Autumn Purple Rhododendron and so on.

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