Flowering Shrubs That Love Sunlight

When choosing the plants for your garden you should take into consideration how much sunlight they are going to get; if it’s a lot, you should consider the species which thrive in bright sun for best results and a healthy looking garden.

Shrubs are generally bigger than bushes and smaller than trees and some produce flowers – hence the name flowering shrubs. Nature has provided us with many species of flowering shrubs, so no matter the climate you live you too can add colour and scent to your beloved garden.

One of the most popular flowering shrubs that love sunlight are the Azalea because of the colour variety it comes in – from white to yellow, orange, red and pink, and the Lilac, with beautiful and fragrant flowers. The lilac requires fertile and well-drained soil and pruning and mulching could enhance its appearance.

One of the most beautiful is the Gardenia with dark green foliage and pearly white flowers. It is a bit picky, requiring acidic soil of 5.0 – 6.0 pH and frequent watering and fertilizing, but the results are amazing. Another stunning flower is the Hibiscus, with dark green leaves and bright flowers; it thrives in full sunlight, in soil with humus.

An easier to take care of shrubs is the Butterfly Bush, one of the favorites for zone 5, fast growing and adaptable to different types of soil and moisture. Its flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds and it likes to be pruned.

There are other species that like sunlight as well, like the Camellia, Rose of Sharon and Baby Blue Rabbitbrush, just choose them according to the conditions you can provide them with.

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