Choosing Ornamental Grass For Your Garden

Today there are many grass varieties to choose for your garden because of their increasing popularity for landscaping and gardens in general. They’re hardy and low maintenance, an easy way to make your garden look clean and beautiful.

Not only are they easy to care for, but they heighten the beauty of your garden with their colourful leaves or flowers, like the Karley Rose grass known for its rose-purple flowers.

This type of grass is resistant to most pests, needs little to no pruning and requires only well-drained soil.

Another flowering variety is the Rabbit’s Tail grass, with puffy white panicles – it needs well-drained soil and sunlight.

The Red Fountain grass is popular because of its stunning colour and fluffy flower heads which make it look like a fountain; it needs little watering and for best results it should be planted in full sunlight. Another option is the perennial Japanese Blood grass, named so because of its blood red tipped leaves; it requires regular watering and full or partial sunlight.

If you have a rock garden, Blue Fescue might be to your liking because of its long narrow leaves, bluish gray in colour, blending in well; provide it well-drained soil and full sunlight. If you can provide only partial sun, a good option to go with is Evergold Sedge, a variety with evergreen leathery leaves and creamy coloured centers. The Little Bunny Fountain grass is also recommended, giving your garden a simple, clean look; the little bunny grass grows up to only 10 inches, but it is highly adaptable, giving the best results under partial to full sunlight.

If your gardening environment is so difficult that little seems to grow, you might want to try the ribbon grass; the only problem with it is that it is invasive, gardeners preferring the Picata and Feesey’s Form species best because they can be better contained when planted in shaded areas.

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