Shrubs Which Offer Privacy

If you want natural fences which offer privacy, you’ll be looking for fast growth, low maintenance evergreen or deciduous shrubs.

For instance, the Tri-colored Willow Hedge is drought tolerant and thrives in zones from 5 to 9, according to the USDA, as long as it’s kept in partial or full shade. It grows fast, up to 6-8 feet tall, with many branches and light green foliage.

The Camellia Japonica is also an easy to grow plant, in zones from 6 to 9. In needs little pruning, best done in late spring or early summer, and rewards you with beautiful and dense dark green foliage with shiny leaves.

One of the best plants for privacy is the evergreen Nellie Stevens Holly. It isn’t a difficult to grow plant, needing partial or full sun, with resistance to draught (preferably zones 6-9) and pruning according to preference – the leading branches should be pruned in order to have a thick bush; if done properly, the shrub will not leave any gaps.

If you live in a hot or humid zone, then the Berckman’s Golden Arborvitae is for you. Just give it slightly sandy and well-drained soil and your Berckman’s will grow up to 3-4 feet, with greenish-yellow and yellow tipped leaves.

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