About ornamental pepper plants

Ornamental pepper plants are a joy for the eye due to their colors. Of course, there are aids in the kitchen when you want something spicy. They come from South America and are often found in households, especially during winter.

More about their origin:
The family from which they originate is the Solanaceae. The ornamental pepper is a dwarf kind of hot pepper plant. They grown up to 18 inches and reach a width of 16 inches. The leaves have a subtle shape and the fruits are round and multi-colored.
Other appellatives are: Capsicum annuum, Christmas pepper, Poinsettia Pepper, Black Pearl, White Fire.

Caring for ornamental peppers:
Offer them a warm climate. The best environment is the indoor, but there are not strangers to the outdoor (just be sure they receive direct sunlight). They don’t resist at temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Place them in the south or west direction.

The best suited soil is the sandy or loamy one. It must be well- aerated and moisturized, not soggy. Water the tree daily, but don’t over do it.

Once a month fertilize the plant with a water soluble solution. With the apparition of the fruits use the fertilizer twice a month. Dilute the liquid until it reaches at half of its concentration. With no usage of a nitrogen fertilizer the plant will provide more fruits, than leaves.

Inspect the plant regularly for pest presence. They are sensible to spider mites, aphids, and whiteflies. Be sure you don’t bring insects from the nursery, when you buy the plant.

Grow it carefully and the satisfaction will be great.

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