Evergreen weeping trees - types and tips

If you want an unusual looking tree for your garden, then you can choose to grow a weeping tree. They have branches that bend towards the ground and have a dropping stature. The leaves grow in a variety and have colorful flowers.

We will present you a few types because we cannot contain all the species.

Let’s talk about Weeping Serbian Spruce. Its scientific name is Picea omorika and also artistic spruce. The branches hang like a pendulum. It will reach maximum 30 feet in height. The leaves look like needles, they blossom in spring, have a light green nuance.

Acacia pravissima is also known as Oven’s Wattle. Summer brings yellow flowers to this multi-stemmed plan. Its height reaches 3 meters and you can put wherever you wish in your garden. But remember to offer it plenty of sunlight and prune it to keep the wanted shape. Also, be careful in handling it due to the presence of thorns.

The weeping Himalayan cedar presents itself with long, green dark bluish leaves. They give the impression of tumbling down and have a swing able growth. From 3 feet height the shrubs drop to the ground. The plant likes loamy, clay soil. The light must come from the morning sun and the shade brought by the evening.

A weeping nootka cypress comes from North America with the scientific name of Callitropsis nootkatensis. It is adorned with colors, features like lat and log leaves, cones with scales, yellow colored seeds. Offer it under a lot of sunshine.

The golden weeping willow has a massive growth and evolves into a graceful plant. Interesting is that the branches in the top grow towards the sky and the secondary ones develop towards the ground. Yellow flowers grow on Salix nigra and dazzle the eye with a long form. Maintain it regularly and prune it with the help of a professional. It needs an open area to grow.

Now, you can find even more types of weeping evergreen trees like Weeping Mulberry, Weeping Mediterranean Cypress, Weeping Norway Spruce, Weeping Colorado Spruce, Young’s Weeping Birch, Tolleson’s Blue Weeping Juniper and others.

Browse through the variety of species in order to choose the right one for you and your garden. Also, get the advice of a professional.

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