Caring For Burning Bush Shrubs

A sight to be seen is a burning bush shrub, making your garden unforgettable, ideal as a hedge plant. Because of its winged appearance when in full blossom, the burning bush is called Euonymus alata (alata = wings), and its foliage varies from light pink to bright red in autumn, with cork-like branches.

It is hardy and low maintenance, thriving in the sunlight (the more sunlight, the more colorful the foliage) in temperatures between -30 F and 20 F and in all kinds of soil as long as it’s well drained.

It grows up to 12-13 feet, but it should be pruned regularly; if you’re wondering about shape, it naturally develops a round shape so if you want to keep it that way trim it so that it stays round.

Keep in mind that it is prone to scale problems – an insect found in its bark. If it turns a light shade of green before fall then you should remove the mulch, add nitrogen fertilizer, water it and re-mulch moderately.

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