Planting Zinnia Seeds

One of the most popular bedding flowers, native to the USA, Zinnia are summer annuals with brightly coloured flowering plants which are absolutely stunning when grown in masses. They are propagated through seeds which develop at the base of the petals, in the flower head, and tend to seed fast and with little failure.

The best way to plant them is first indoors during summer then the seedlings can be moved outside when they have reached the 6 leaves stage.

Sprinkle them on a light, well-drained soil, then cover with a thin layer, water them so that the soil is moist and wrap the container with a newspaper or plastic. They will sprout within a week; now they should be exposed to sunlight gradually. Transplant them in soil mixed with organic compost, about 4 inches apart from each other, and water them – not too much, but they don’t like dry soil either.

Once the buds appear you can add some light fertilizer and cut the dead flowers for profuse flowering.
You can even keep and store seeds from your own lot, after the flower has died naturally. Cut the head and shake the seeds on a large sheet of paper – you can separate them from the dried petals which might fall with a light blow. Store them after they’re dried up in a cool, dry place, in a paper mesh bag or a sterilized jar, checking them from time to time to make sure they don’t develop any fungal growth – for preventing this you can also try spreading some germicide powder.

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