Want a U-Shaped Driveway? Here’re some ideas for your landscape

Everyone has their own preferences and, whether you like simple or elegant, a U-shaped driveway offers perspective and plenty of opportunities. Make it your kind of beautiful and it will reward you with a sight to be seen whenever you go home, big or small.
There are many possibilities so consider the overall effect you want to give your home and how you can make it work with the rest of your garden.
If your house is big then you can make the U-shape wide with trees along both sides.

In place of statues you might wish to place a fountain; there are lots of models, shapes and sizes to choose from, such as bubble fountains, or fountains with a small pond, multiple tiers and so on. Place it in the center, careful though – you don’t want it to be too big or it will overshadow the U-shape; if it’s too big, choose a birdbath instead.

As for the center, it can be left simple adorned with statues or patterned with herbs. If you choose to pattern it with flowers, then you can place blue delphiunium or other taller perennials at the base of the U-shape followed to the outer edge in an arched display of lavender, foxglove, poppies, daisies or any others you can think of any enjoy. Or you could give it a “delicious” twist and plant berry bushes on the contour of the U and fill the rest with patches of short fruit-plants.

If your house is smaller you might prefer the look of a focus zone in the center of the U. You could then place a tree in the middle of vinca minor or other short or creeping plants. Choose one that will give color to your front yard, like fruiting or nut trees, sugar maple, pink dogwood. Or you could place a whole group of trees in the center, dwarfed by a taller colorful one, like a Japanese maple, and bring out the contour with short annual flowers like pansies and daffodils.

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