Bonsai Care Tips For Beginners

Bonsai means “tray cultivation” in Japanese and it symbolizes the art of potted miniature trees. Today bonsai trees have become more and more popular because of how they keep the appearance of a tree but are small enough for enthusiasts to grow in their apartments.

It should be kept in aerated soil, with the first few layers rich in nutrients which are needed for healthy growth.

The optimal fertilizer is a natural fertilizer; avoid the harsh chemical ones.

One of the most important aspects of caring for bonsai trees is watering. It has to be watered daily, at a time according to the season. Spray water on the leaves so that they don’t absorb the pollutants in the environment; do not do so using water pipes or you will wash away the uppermost layer of soil.

Pruning helps it grow, but do not over do it or you might stun its growth.

Caring for a bonsai tree is not difficult, it simply requires patience and dedication; treat it as a member of your family and you will see how well it responds.

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