Caring For Mock Orange Shrubs

The Mock Orange shrub, one of the popular landscaping plants, produces citrus smelling white flowers hence the name. It is an 8 foot tall deciduous shrub with waxy light green leaves and it’s generally seen near patios, walkways or driveways.

This shrub is not demanding and it thrives in the sunlight and partial shade, in well-drained loamy soil; it is draught tolerant, but be careful when planting it because it’s roots are fragile.

It should be mulched and abundantly watered because it likes water.

If it stagnates or you see yellowing leaves, feed it some fertilizer and nutrients (rose plant food should work fine) – the optimum period of fertilizing is March until early July.

When the flowering cycle is done, you should cut about a third of the stem’s length, in order to have new stems for next year, and one in three old stems from the base.

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