Caring For Carolina Allspice Shrubs

This shrub is known for its fragrance which comes from the flowers as well as from the leaves. It’s native to North Carolina and the fragrance is spicier than other flowers, hence the name. It is said that before there were deodorants or body washes, women used Carolina Allspice leaves for fragrance.

They grow up to 8 feet tall at a rapid growth rate. It is important not to confuse it with allspice trees or plants as its berries are poisonous. Some species are also known as the strawberry bush/shrub because it blooms strawberry colored flowers with a fruity smell; others have burgundy, dark maroon or bronze colored flowers.

This shrub is easy to grow, you can find seeds at nurseries, and though they might not have the showiest flowers, the make good garden choices for their unique fragrance. It thrives in temperatures ranging from -25 F to 30 F, requires little sunlight – it will do well in partial shade or even full shade, with neutral-acid soil and watering only once every couple of days in times of extreme conditions.

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