Landscape drainage system

A drainage plan is extremely important when creating a landscape in your yard. Many times, homeowners neglect the need for a drainage system because of the unpleasant esthetic look it gives the whole landscape.

Rainwater falling on the roof will go down the gutters and then on the lawn or driveway.

The landscape must be designed to overcome the water pour otherwise the water can seep into the house foundation or basement and severely damage it.

For a good drainage, a property must have a channel between the house and the driveway or lawn. The water falling through the gutter will be directed in the chain and then in a sewer system. Any obstructions in the way of the channel must be either lowered to a decent level or removed.

In the case of vegetable gardens and flower beds, the soil below the plants must have a natural drainage property. This way the plants will be healthy and protected from rot. Gravel must be placed on bed of the plants and water channels must be dig to assure a smooth drainage.

Planning the landscape is the most important step of the project.

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