About chimney cleaning logs

is known that to frequently use a fireplace, you must maintain it clean and functional. Using chimney cleaning logs will cut back the energy bills and will help maintain your chimney.

Often fireplace use

Using wood as a fuel has its disadvantages.

Often use of the fireplace leads to creosote buildups in the chimney. These tar and creosote deposits can buildup and ignite causing the fire to extend to the house, or cause sparks that will shoot out the chimney and ignite the roof.

Annual maintenance

Using chimney cleaning logs still means that you will have to annually sweep the chimney. The logs reduce the need for chimney cleaning and make the chimney safer. They don’t eliminate the need for proper maintenance.

Fireplace cleaning

The cleaning logs must be burnt like usual firewood. The special chemicals in the logs will cause the buildups of creosote to dry, break down and fall into the fireplace where the pieces can be simply swept away.

Product quality

The cleaning logs producer’s say that using these logs will reduce the creosote level in your chimney by up to 60%. Search for companies that test their product and have proof of its efficiency. Also, browse the Internet and read customer reviews related to the product. See what product has less complaints and is most efficient. That product is the one you should purchase.

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