Chimney mortar safety tips

The chimney mortar is used to bind the bricks and cement together. It is a very durable and resistant material, easy to maintain and repair. Even if it has all these properties, it wares off over time and can represent an issue.


Any cracks in the mortar must be inspected and rapidly repaired. If not solved, this problem can lead to chunks falling off the chimney, causing damage and possible lethal accidents.


Any cracks in the mortar can let water in. This moisture will affect the efficiency of the chimney. Mold can occur due to high amounts of moisture.


Chimney mortar must withstand high temperatures, because the temperatures let out by the fireplace are high. Do not use non heat resistant adhesive for the chimney.


Decaying chimney mortar will make the chimney unstable, thus creating a very dangerous scenario.


If you want to repair the chimney mortar, make sure the new mortar has had enough time to dry before you use it. This will assure the mortar’s strength and resistance.


In many cases, the chimney is just too old to be repaired and requires demolishing by a professional.

Missing mortar

A leaning chimney means that it is missing chunks of mortar. This Represents a dangerous situation and requires urgent attending.

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