Installing a chimney balloon

Installing a chimney balloon is a simple way of keeping out any airflow through the chimney when you are not using the fireplace.

Tools and materials

  • Chimney balloon
  • Inflation tube
  • Safety glasses
  • Extender (optional)
  • Air pump (optional)
  • Reminder sticker

Chimney balloon preparation

First of all you must properly unroll the balloon so that it inflates as it should. To inflate it, connect the inflation tube of the balloon to an air valve and open it to allow air to enter the balloon.

Inflating the chimney balloon

Blow air into the balloon several times to give it a proper shape. Make sure you don’t inflate the balloon entirely because it will pop when forced in the fireplace.

Chimney balloon positioning

You must find a proper spot to place the balloon, so put on safety glasses and crawl into the fireplace. Using a flashlight, choose the right spot for the balloon, keeping in mind not to place it in spots with moving parts like the chimney damper because it might get popped. Place the balloon in a spot with a proper texture so that it can hold on to the balloon and keep it into place.

Chimney balloon placing

Place the balloon into the desired spot careful not to scrape it against the edges or pop it. Use an extender if you can’t reach the spot you want.

Inflating the balloon once more

Attach an air pump or use your mouth to inflate the chimney balloon properly. Make sure it sets into the right place. Don’t inflate it too much. It should be springy when pressed against.

Closing the valve

Close the valve once the chimney balloon is properly inflated so that the air will not escape.

Reminder sticker

Place a reminder sticker somewhere where you will surely see it. This way you will remember to remove the balloon before using the fireplace.

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