Using a chimney barbecue starter

A chimney barbecue starter is a very effective way of lighting a fire for a barbecue. It is essentially a metal cylinder composed of 2 parts. A lower one which houses the flammable materials and an upper part that needs to be loaded with charcoal.


  1. Using news papers, create what is called a “newspaper doughnut”. Roll 2 newspapers together at a time. You will need about 6 newspapers overall.
  2. Flip the barbecue starter upside down and take off the lower part cap. Be sure to use protective gloves when handling the device.
  3. Roll some more newspapers and place them inside the bottom part of the device.
  4. Leave a small gap in the middle of each newspaper doughnut so that air can flow.
  5. Flip the barbecue starter right side up and fill it with charcoal briquettes. Put the device on top of the grill you will use.
  6. Light the newspapers at the bottom of the device using a long match or a butane lither. Smoke must come out from the lower part of the barbecue starter.
  7. Wait 10 to 20 minutes for the newspapers to burn out, until the flames reach the charcoal. Flip the device upside down letting the charcoal fall on the barbecue.


  • Apply cooking oil or vegetable oil to the newspapers to make them burn faster.
  • The barbecue starter mustn’t be placed on a concrete surface when lit, because the heat will cause it to crack.
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