Chimney fan types

There are many types of chimney fans to choose from depending on the fireplace and stove type. Lack of draft in a chimney requires fixing. Using a chimney fan will solve the problem.

The fan must be installed at the top of the chimney and is easily accessible for maintenance. A fan can fit any fireplace, barbecue and boiler system. Fans can withstand temperatures of even 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

Round type fan

Round fans come in 3 types. The RS type fan has a horizontal discharge and fits small fireplaces and stoves. For gas fireplaces and gas stoves, a RHG type fan is needed. For open gas fireplaces, the RSHG type fan is the best choice because it also assures a proper updraft.

Square type fan

The square chimney fans fit, of course, square shaped chimneys. There are different types of square fans also. The RSV type fan sends the smoke directly upwards into the air, very good for houses with light roofs or trees around it. The RSVG type fan is used especially for gas fireplaces. It creates an efficient draft.

Chimney flue fans

Flue fans blow the heat into the house instead of vacuuming the air out. Most modern fireplaces have such a flue fan already installed. The flue fan is installed at the base of the chimney and can be controlled like an electric heater thermostat. The fan will go on when needed and turn off when a certain temperature is reached. Older chimneys may not be compatible with this type of fan. If so, ask a professional for advice.

Installing a chimney fan will certainly reduce the energy bill.

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