Installing a chimney liner kit

You certainly must be interested in a chimney liner kit if you use the fireplace often. Chimney liners keep creosote from building up in the chimney thus avoiding the devastating perspective of a fire hazard in your house. You must know a few things before installing this kit.


You must measure the maximum size of the liner. When replacing a liner you must climb on the roof of the house and measure the dimensions of the inside of the flue opening that is in place. Measure from the top of the chimney to the top of the smoke chamber. The height and width of the fireplace must also be measured. After you’ve done measuring, take advice from a professional about the kit. If what you use is a wood stove, you must measure the inner dimensions of its exhaust and the stove from the top of the chimney to the place the stove will be hooked up.

About damper housing

Getting past the damper housing can be done either by converting from a round liner to an oval one at the housing and round at the stove, either by cutting the damper housing to keep the same liner measurements from the stove to the chimney top. In the first situation you will have to pay more money on adapters and oval pipes. It is also harder to clean the chimney. The alternative way makes it easier to clean the chimney because the stove doesn’t have to be moved.

About steep pitches

Sometimes you will have to build a staging platform in order to install the chimney liner kit, if there’s a steep pitch. Be sure you know what you’re doing before starting anything. You can either build the platform yourself or rent/ buy it from a professional. Safety first!

About liner insulation

The spaces remaining between the chimney and the liner must be insulated using fireproof insulation. This will also allow the liner to heat up at maximum capacity, protecting you from soot deposits. You can use a mixture of concrete and vermiculite as a gap insulator between the chimney and liner.

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