About chimney flashing kits

A chimney flashing is used to prevent structural leaks in the chimney and roof. Water infiltrating through the roof can cause major damage. The repairs are very costly but can be avoided if a chimney flashing is installed.

You can find chimney flashing kits at pretty much any home improvement shop. Choose the kit that has the style and materials you want.

Chimney flashing style

You have to choose the flashing style that suits your need. There are about 3 types of chimneys: Field, Ridge and Rake. Go up on the roof and see what type of chimney you have and inspect the roof. You have to buy the proper kit because small variations in the design may change the places where the flanges and joints are and so render the kit useless for your chimney.

Chimney flashing material

Check the local building codes to determine what material you should use for the chimney flashing. This can be one of the followings: copper, aluminum, lead or galvanized steel. The type of roof you have will also determine what chimney material to choose. Using aluminum flashing is the least costly decision. Copper flashing is used for chimneys that require more protection from the elements. Galvanizes steel flashing is easier to install and cheaper than copper flashing. The least used material for chimneys flashing is lead. To use lead, you need a special building permit because of the health risks related to this material.

If you will inspect your existing flashing, you can determine what you want and need to purchase now. If you are not sure about your skills in this business, hire a professional to choose a flashing for you and install it. This way, you might pay more money, but the project will surely be done the proper way.

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