Cleaning a chimney flue

A chimney must be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging and even a fire hazard in your home, especially if the chimney is used often. Debris, birds nests, soot etc. can be a greater problem if regular maintenance isn’t accomplished.

A chimney should be inspected about twice a month if used often. Inspect it yourself if you don’t want to hire an expensive chimney sweeper to do it for you.

Tools needed

  • Flashlight
  • Ladder
  • Chimney brush
  • Protective eye wear
  • Protective covering for furniture

Examine chimney

Check the chimney for any sort of debris like leaves, branches, etc. using a flashlight and then remove them.

Seal the fireplace

You must make sure no dust or soot will enter your home when you are cleaning, so before you start, seal off the fireplace. Also, cover the furniture near the fireplace.

Fasten the chimney brush

Fasten the chimney brush to a long flexible rod or to several rods connected together. Slowly lower the rod down the chimney.

Raise the rod

Slowly raise the rod out of the chimney once it has been lowered down.

Repeat the cleaning

Repeat the 2 steps above several times.

Examine the flue

Look into the chimney with a flashlight for any debris that you may have overlooked.

Vacuum the fireplace

Using a vacuum, clean up the fireplace of dust and soot, or any other residue that may have fallen.

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