Chimney fan installation problems

There are a few common issues when installing a chimney fan. Many times, installing this device will just cover a problem rather than solve it. You must choose the right type, size and style that will suit your chimney.

Hiring a professional to install and wire the fan is recommended.

Unnecessary installation

You may be able to solve the chimney draft issues without installing a chimney fan. Try installing a chimney cap first and see if it solves the problem. If not, try adding a stainless steel air vent to the fireplace. If the draft issues persists, you can either rebuild the chimney or install a chimney fan, depending which is cheaper.

Wrong fan

A common mistake is choosing the right type of fan. Try to purchase a fan that requires a 110 volt circuit rather than a 220 volt circuit. Make sure it is made to resist high temperatures. A clay tile chimney flue must be cut to level with the chimney crown if it sticks out. Choose a fan that can be easily inspected. Also, make sure the chimney can withstand the weight of the fan. Seek to install a support flange or an adapter, depending on the number of flues your chimney has.

Electrical issues

Install a junction box with a capacitor on the outside of the chimney. The fan must always function when the fire is burning in the fireplace.

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