About chimney removal

Knowing the steps you have to follow to properly remove a chimney will assure you a well done job.


The total costs of the chimney removing procedure depends on the way you plan to do it, either by yourself or by hiring a professional.  Keep in mind that removing the chimney means removing the chimney breast too, not only the part that sticks out through the roof.

Also, the costs for repairing the empty area that remains must be taken into consideration.

Partial removal

If you do not want to remove the chimney breast, the chimney removal operation can still occur, to other parts of the chimney. This way, you can save a lot of money on reparation, because the gap you have to repair is not so big and the overall damage done is significantly lesser.

Acquire permission

Most likely, you will need a permit before you start removing the chimney. You will need one because removing the chimney from your house, is considered a structural change of the property. It is best you inform your self on the building regulations and get a permit before starting anything.

Professional help

It is true that the process of removing a chimney is much easier and faster if you hire a professional to do it. But if you choose to do it yourself, there are no reasons to be concerned. Any special tools you might need for the job can be rented instead of bought, to spend less money.

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