Chimney mortar mixes

When constructing a chimney, one of the key things you will need is mortar. Mortar is essentially a mix of cement, sand and water. The paste resulted will harden when it dries.

The right amount of each ingredient is very important. Also, mixing the mortar batch on site assures a better quality. Depending on the materials you use, the mortar must have the right consistency. It has to be easy to apply but also hard. The right mix assures you success.

Mortar types

The most common 4 types of mortar are the O type, the S type, the M type and the N type. Even if the ingredients are still the same, the amount of each one used differs from type to type. To create a quality mortar batch you must use Portland cement so that the mortar will bind, water to make it into a paste and sand and hydrated lime to make the mixture strong and resistant.

Because of its weak mix, the O type mortar is only proper for small chimneys. Heavy outdoor projects will require S type mortar and N type mortar is used for indoor or outdoor projects. The strongest of all the mortar mixes is the M type, used for big projects that require strong mortar. The M type mortar is also the most used of all the mortar types.

Proper mixing

Mixing the mortar ingredients properly is very important. You can buy already mixed mortar that can be used after pouring in the right amount of water. If you buy the mortar ingredients separately, you will need to follow a precise recipe. Accurate measurements are important.

Proper quantity

First of all you have to work out how much mortar you will need. If you are working on a big chimney, you will need a greater quantity and maybe even an electric mixer to properly mix the mortar. If you are working on a smaller project, using a shovel or hoe to mix the mortar is also appropriate.

Proper consistency

The mortar consistency is crucial. Be sure to slowly add the right amount of water each time. The mortar must be sticky and it mustn’t crumble.

Let the mortar dry

Mortar will dry properly in about 30 days. Make sure to waterproof the mortar.

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