Round chimney cap advantages

There are many upsides of using round chimney caps. They come in a multitude of sizes, styles and designs but also deffer by quality.

Small animals

The chimney cap keeps small animals like squirrels, birds, bats from entering the chimney and so entering the home through the fireplace.

The cap you purchase should be made out of a strong material that doesn’t rust easily and can easily withstand bites and claw marks from animals.


Using the fireplace will increase the build-up of byproducts, which in time will tend to ignite and release sparks. These sparks are dangerous if they shoot out of the chimney and on to the roof or lawn. This is why, a chimney cap is needed, to protect your home from this kind of fire hazard.

Heating and gas bills

Draft problems that occur due to wind that enters the chimney and travels down it reduces the efficiency of a chimney thus increasing the heating bill. Having installed a chimney cap, you will no longer have to worry about draft problems. A chimney cap should be attached to the roof or the chimney flue, because if it is attached to the chimney, wind could make it loosen or even fall off. Choose high quality, resistant chimney caps. An electronic chimney cap controls how much draft is proper for your chimney and reduces the heating bills. It is harder to install but well worth the ordeal.

Your budget and needs will be the judging factors when purchasing a chimney cap. Depending on the region, weather and personal preferences, you will make the right choice for you.

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