Wood stove chimney tips

The wood stove chimney represents a great addition to any home. Having a few tips in mind, you can enjoy the wood stove for years to come.

Wood type

The wood you plan on burning must surely be dried about 6 months before being used.

Wet wood will not only burn slower and cooler but will produce a lot of smoke that can enter the house as well as pollute the exterior. Also, burnt wet wood will cause creosote to build-up on the chimney walls. Wood must be safely stores away from rain and snow.

Wood pile-ups

It is best you use small amounts of wood. Don’t pile many logs on the fire because they will burn slower and create less heat. Using a smaller wood quantity gives you an efficient, good heat distribution and the creation of the less creosote, thus minimizing the need for maintenance.

Cleaning creosote

You need to clean your chimney of creosote as often as you can. Creosote will lower the ventilation efficiency and also increase the risk of a fire hazard. Energy efficiency is also affected by creosote build-up.

Cleaning the fireplace

Regular cleaning of the fireplace means less air pollution caused by ashes and other byproducts resulted from burning logs. Cleaning a frequently used fireplace once every few days is more than enough to increase the fireplace efficiency.


Inspecting the wood stove at least once a year is crucial to determine it’s current status. See if creosote has build-up, check for flue corrosion and any other issue. A corroded or faulty flue is dangerous because toxic gases and fumes aren’t dissipated as they should. Some parts of the stove may need replacing.

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