Repairing chimney mortar

A chimney that has damaged mortar needs repairs as fast as possible. Broken mortar is a serious issues that can lead to many unpleasant surprises like fires and smoke problems.

Tools and materials needed

  • Protective glasses
  • Protective mask
  • Wire brush
  • Quick setting mortar
  • Rags
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Trowel
  • Paintbrush

Locate the damage

Inspect all 4 sides of the chimney for damaged mortar.

Mortar in good shape should be soft on touch, whilst damaged mortar will crumble and fall when touched.

Remove mortar

Put on protective mask and glasses and remove the broken mortar using a wire brush. This process will also prepare the chimney for the new batch of mortar.

Mortar repairing

You need to remove all the mortar from the chimney. Mix a batch of special chimney mortar. Using a trowel apply the mortar using a sliding motion. Be sure to insert as much mortar through the chimney bricks as you can. Repeat the process until any gaps in the chimney are filled and sealed with mortar.

Finishing touches

When you apply the mortar, you will most likely get some mortar in areas where you don’t require it. Put a clean towel in hot water and then use it to get rid of the excess mortar. This must be done before the mortar sets. You could also use a damp towel to smooth the mortar and give the chimney a better overall appearance. Any excess debris can be removed using a paintbrush.

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