About chimney reparations

From time to time, a chimney requires reparations due to damaged mortar and bricks.

Chimney components

  1. A chimney is made out of bricks and mortar. These will become damaged over time.
    While masonry chimney damage needs to be fixed by a professional, loose bricks and such issues can be fixed by just about anyone.
  2. Clean the chimney of any buildups that can cause serious damage. Professional cleaning is recommended.
  3. A chimney flue is the actual part of the chimney that assures an exit route for smoke that comes from a fireplace. It must be inspected and fixed if necessary.
  4. A chimney cap is very important because it keeps small animals, rain and debris out of the chimney flue. It must be fixed or replaced if necessary.

Damaged mortar

  1. To fix any damaged chimney mortar you will need protective goggles, a hammer and a chisel, mortar, a trowel, caulking gun and some caulking compound.
  2. Use the hammer and the chisel to break any damaged mortar.
  3. Apply the mortar using a trowel and smooth it in the right shape.
  4. The mortar on the top of the bricks must be sloped to allow rain to drain away.
  5. Any damaged mortar around the bricks must be removed with a hammer and a chisel and replaced with fresh mortar.


Keep the mortar dry 3 to 5 days so it can dry and harden.

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