Advantages of a chimney liner

The chimney liner allows the chimney to function safely. It is essentially a clay, metal or ceramic channel that is places inside the chimney.

Overheat prevention and increased lifespan

The chimney liner will prevent the chimney masonry from overheating and also protect the chimney from corrosion cause by acidic flu gases that are released when burning fuel.

Thus, the chimney’s lifespan is greatly increased.

Fire risk reduction

The chimney liner acts like a protective barrier between the fire and the chimney and its surroundings. This way, fires caused by overheating are greatly reduced.

Energy efficient

One of the greatest advantages of the chimney liner is the fact that it increases the overall efficiency of the chimney. It makes the fire burn brighter but lowers heat loss, assures a proper airflow and reduces the overall need for fuel. Thus, energy is produced easier and cheaper.

Easy fireplace maintenance

It is surely much easier to clean a chimney liner than clean the bricks and mortar of a chimney without the liner.

Different materials

Chimney liners are made out of different materials, like clay, concrete and metal. While concrete and clay may present issues like cracking because of excessive heat, stainless steel and aluminum liners are the ideal materials for a liner, because these liners last for a very long time.

Toxic gas prevention

Toxic gasses like carbon monoxide are produced during the burning of fuel. These gasses must have a clear escape route out of the house. A chimney without a liner may allow these gasses to seep back into the home, increasing the chance of health related problems. A chimney with a liner will have no such issues, the gasses having a proper route to follow outside the house.

Byproducts buildup reduction

A chimney liner increases safety and reduces the labor needed to maintain the chimney clean because it reduces the quantity of soot and creosote that builds up the chimney.

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