Bleach based herbicide

As anyone with a garden knows, weeds can represent a tough challenge sometimes. Fighting against these nasty plants can be accomplished using commercial herbicides. But, these herbicides can be costly, times consuming when applied and harmful to any vegetables or other beneficial plants they might come in contact with.

Using bleach as a homemade herbicide will do the job and save you time and money, but be careful when using this herbicide because it can kill not only weeds, but any other plant it lays on.

How to make a bleach-based herbicide

The process of making the bleach herbicide is easy. You just have to mix a gallon of water with a cupful of bleach, then contain the solution in a spray bottle. It is a good idea to label the bottle so you don’t mix anything up and store the bottle with the other gardening tools and supplies.

How to use a bleach-based herbicide

When spraying the weeds, aim the spray bottle at the base of the weed, carefully not to spray any good plants that may be nearby. Use the herbicide on any weeds that grows on your lawn or garden and check them the next day. It doesn’t take long before the weeds die from the bleach.

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