Caring For Holly Plants

Holly plants with green leaves and red berries symbolize Christmas and belong to the Ilex family. There are many types of hollies with green, blue or variegated leaves, having smooth or spiny edges. They are deciduous plants so if you want them to have berries (which come in red, white, orange or black) pick a female and a male and plant them close together (about 50 feet from each other).

They thrive in fertile and slightly acidic soil, kept well drained, and in sunlight. They are best planted in early spring in a hole 2-3 times bigger than the root ball; fill the hole with soil, water it, then add soil and water again. Add a layer of compost, then mulch with pine needles, wood chips or saw dust. You should also use an acid loving tree fertilizer every spring or late autumn.

You can prune them in spring to initiate berry production, but it’s best done in winter when they stagnate.

acid loving tree fertilizer, deciduous, red berries, slightly acidic soil